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Celebs before plastic surgery

Kim Kardashian
We couldn't find a video without a least a bit of surgery, but this'll do
Cardi B
Book Cardi AI to spread the joy of WAP to your friends!
Zack Efron
Book Zack AI to bring you back to your awkward high school years!

Celebs when they were relevant

Kid from Home Alone
We forgot his name but book the Kid from Home Alone AI to surprise your grandparents on their birthday!
Mr. Bean
Book Rowan AI to deliver awkward silence to your not-so close friends
Brendan Fraser
Book Brendan AI to fill you with 90’s nostalgia 


Fidel, accused of 'rigging' the 2020 election after death, can still be booked on Fameo!
Surprise your friends with a message from Borat who also at one point played General Aladeen
Book America’s favorite reality TV personality to deliver fabricated messages to anyone in the country!

B List Celebrities

Brad Pitt
Book Brad AI to remind your friends about the 8 rules of Fight Club
Mona Lisa
Skip the fat line and hear Mona Lisa for the first time ever!
Denzel Washington
Inspire others with your heartfelt message 2from Denzel AI